Judges’ Course TeamGym TALLINN (EST) 9. – 13.5.2018

INVITATION TO THE TEAMGYM JUDGES’ COURSE May 9th – 13th, 2018 in Tallinn / EST

The UEG Technical Committee TeamGym are pleased to inform you that we will organise an additional TeamGym Judges’ Course in May 2018.

We expect approximately 20 participants at this third course. If there are less than 10 participants, this course will be cancelled. Please wait for your application to be confirmed before proceeding with booking tickets.

The course will be held in English. The Code of Points will be available in all three official languages of the UEG; English, French and German.

Course Venue
The Judges’ Course in Tallinn will be held at Park Inn by Radisson Central Hotel Tallinn, Narva mnt 7c, Tallinn.

To book and pay for your accommodation and meals, please contact Mr Georg Matjashov; trefoilmanager@gmail.com, +372 57853010

Registrations to the course
The registrations have to be sent within the fixed deadlines to the following address:
UEG Secretariat – info@ueg.org

Registration deadlines
Definitive entry April 9th, 2018
Nominative entry April 23rd, 2018

The course fee 280€/per person has to be transferred no later than April 9th, 2018 to the following UEG account :

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
Place St-Francois 14, CP 300, 1002 Lausanne
Account: L5205.70.49/IBAN: CH05 0076 7000 L520 5704 9


For further information please contact Questions regarding the course: Mrs Heli LEMMETTY, hlemmetty@yahoo.com, +358 405373643

Questions regarding accommodation, transportation and meals:
Mr Georg MATJASHOV, trefoilmanager@gmail.com

Invitation Tallinn